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16 August 2009 @ 04:15 pm
ok so i haven't spoken or thought about ODORI from starmen.net in a looong time. shes pretty fucked up and not cool. then this happened and it was weird. she has scrutinized and threatened me
+R = Received From odori tsuq
-S = Sent By Me (penguinguy9292)

August 11, 2009

+R (10:28:23 PM): omg man

+R (10:28:31 PM): you ran this huge conspiracy against me

August 12, 2009

-S (8:40:51 AM): what

+R (8:41:07 AM): so you're friends with vanillepop right

-S (8:42:13 AM): what's her DA name

-S (8:42:21 AM): ps hello

+R (8:42:22 AM): too late

+R (8:42:24 AM): she deleted her work

+R (8:42:26 AM): anyway

-S (8:42:30 AM): how are you

+R (8:42:34 AM): http://smg.photobucket.com/albums/v651/melikapage/notodori/

+R (8:42:40 AM): this is the stuff she uploaded

+R (8:42:48 AM): she is a starmen.net forum goer and claimed she had never seen my work

+R (8:43:38 AM): I somehow find that very hard to believe

+R (8:43:44 AM): also she linked to you on her website

-S (8:44:10 AM): uh okI don't go on stark anymore

-S (8:44:19 AM): oh

-S (8:44:23 AM): vanilleplis

+R (8:44:28 AM): beyond the point

-S (8:44:31 AM): ya I love her she's great

+R (8:44:36 AM): ...

+R (8:44:39 AM): dude no

-S (8:44:55 AM): anyhow what

+R (8:44:43 AM): she basically

-S (8:45:51 AM): I can't see that image btw

+R (8:44:47 AM): copied my old style

+R (8:44:56 AM): or semi-old style

+R (8:45:07 AM): look at this shit dude

+R (8:45:42 AM): http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v651/melikapage/notodori/someplaceinspace.png those boys at the bottom

+R (8:45:52 AM): literally, I've drawn those before I'm sure

+R (8:46:07 AM): in particular the sunglasses one

+R (8:46:12 AM): .............

+R (8:46:19 AM): okay penguinguy

-S (8:46:21 AM): I'm o my iPhone and I'm inthe woods haha

+R (8:46:22 AM): are you saying that

+R (8:46:29 AM): her art had no resemblance to mine at all

-S (8:46:49 AM): I'm o my iPhone and I'm inthe woods haha

-S (8:47:05 AM): so I can't see images

+R (8:47:14 AM): oh

+R (8:47:25 AM): wow, iphone must suck, even my phone cansee images

+R (8:47:28 AM): but you've SEEN her art

+R (8:47:32 AM): and you've SEEN my art

+R (8:47:38 AM): how recently have you seen hers?

+R (8:47:46 AM): she seemed to start doing this in July

+R (8:48:02 AM): anyway

+R (8:48:06 AM): I confronted her about it

-S (8:48:16 AM): no it's the fact that I'm in the fucking rocky mountains

+R (8:48:45 AM): told her that she like

+R (8:48:46 AM): I asked her if she'd ever seen my work before

+R (8:48:48 AM): note that she's a starmen person so

-S (8:48:49 AM): I have seen her art very recently but not yours

+R (8:49:08 AM): you still didn't see the similarities?

+R (8:49:13 AM): wow, her folloewrs are fucking blind

-S (8:49:22 AM): I don't want to get involved in stupid artist drama

-S (8:49:33 AM): I do see them

+R (8:49:19 AM): *followers

+R (8:49:50 AM): she should just admit she was influeneced by me

+R (8:50:11 AM): instead she was like "OH NOPE, HAVEN'T AT ALL"

+R (8:50:34 AM): either way

+R (8:50:37 AM): she deleted her whole gallery

+R (8:50:42 AM): even though I told her that she didn't have to

+R (8:51:09 AM): and got her little friends to attack me, so naturally a few people backed me up 

+R (8:51:15 AM): and it spiraled out of control

+R (8:52:49 AM): anyway yeah

+R (8:52:53 AM): just wish you had informed me sooner

+R (8:53:23 AM): but apparently you like this person more than you like me, oh well

+R (8:53:40 AM): have fun being a concious objector

-S (8:55:20 AM): um

-S (8:55:56 AM): so the only relation I hve to this situation is that I didn't tell you that I noticed similarities in your art?

+R (8:56:09 AM): Well

+R (8:56:14 AM): I thought I'd inform you about it

-S (8:56:24 AM): ok

+R (8:56:34 AM): you don't think that's wrong?

-S (8:56:48 AM): please don't assume that I value my relationship with her more than you

-S (8:57:24 AM): I am not a big part of either of your lives

-S (8:57:33 AM): I'm sorry if I've hurt your feelings

-S (8:57:49 AM): I am not a big part of either of your lives

-S (8:58:08 AM): I am trying my best on earth just like everyone else is ok

-S (8:58:25 AM): surely you can see the innocence in this situation

+R (8:57:14 AM): to copy a person's style right down to the shading, proportions, eyes, pointed noses, ect

+R (8:57:19 AM): that's wrong

+R (8:57:25 AM): she was coattailing on my ideas.
fwugradiation on August 17th, 2009 02:48 am (UTC)
man I already talked to you about this but one of my favorite parts is how you're just like "hey how are you!! I'm in the woods and stuff" and she's like "HEY DO YOU KNOW THIS PERSON BLARGH BLARGH BLARHG BLARHGB LARHGB" and not even pretending to like actually care that she's talking to anybody besides a brick wall
finemoustaches: kewlfinemoustaches on August 17th, 2009 08:11 pm (UTC)
hahaha "no it's the fact that I'm in the fucking rocky mountains
Voodoo: ooh garl aw hayull nuuvoodoorabbit on August 20th, 2009 03:10 am (UTC)
you crazy
Olias Ben Elsinister_soup on August 30th, 2009 10:58 pm (UTC)

I like your style